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Some reasons why you would need DBPR Fingerprinting:

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Do You Need Fingerprinting for a DBPR License?

Complete your required electronic fingerprints needed to apply for a professional license with the DBPR.  Our Lantana, FL location makes the entire process a breeze.  We scan and submit your fingerprints quickly and efficiently to meet your background check needs using new Live Scan technology.  Our fingerprint services are offered with no appointment necessary, but you are welcome to schedule an appointment in advance.

Professional licenses in Florida through the Department of Business and Professional Regulation (DBPR) often require submitting electronic fingerprints for a background check.  Your fingerprints will then be sent electronically to the DBPR. Your data will be checked against  federal, state and local law enforcement agencies.  You will then receive a notification from the DBPR upon approval.

KNow before you go

Now that your are familiar with the DBPR background check fingerprinting service, lets make sure you have all the details needed before coming in for your fingerprint scan.

DBPR Fingerprinting


Payment options

If paying by credit card, the card owner must be present at the time of fingerprinting.

What to Bring

Why Choose Us?

No Appointment Necessary

We do offer appointments, but walk-ins are always welcome.

Ink Free

Clean and quick without the mess of ink.

Live Scan technology

Clear and precise fingerprint technology to ensure your fingerprints are processed and approved in a timely manner.


Trained technicians available to make sure prints are done right the first time.